VIP protection is not just a service “body guard”, VIP PROTECTION consists of data gathering, planing and determining convenient electronic security systems processes.

You can designate the VIP Guard service according to your requirements.

  • Security of your residence

  • Security of your vehicles

  • Guarding you to your residence

  • Body Guard service

As Deltaş Private Security Company, our primary aim is to remove all potential risks that may cause any problem which can negatively affect your security . Before offering you best solutions, our experienced and expert officers examine the conditions in which you are situated. Without being noticed, our private security officers protect your security in accordance with your requests. You can prefer armed or unarmed private security officers. All officiers in our company are trained and are capable of protect you life and your priorities.We meets your needs for close protection according to your demands with our trained and professional security officers. As Deltaş Security Company, our primary aim is to protect people, what they own and their property.High profile individuals generally need a close protection service. Even there is no danger, feeling safe may become crucial for these individuals. We intend to serve perfectly to prevent any possible danger and to make feel safer